Sushi offers daily Chef's fresh fish features. Try our fresh fish from the sushi counter or Chef Take's newest creations from the kitchen tonight!


  • Asstored Sashimi

    $16.95 14PC
  • Asstored Sushi Nigiri

    Pick Up:604-689-2833
  • Tray A

    Tray A (50 Pieces) Any Chefs Recommendation of 5 rolls
  • Tray E

    Assorted sashimi, Assorted Sushi Nigiri!

Japanese Big beer and Hot sake On special

Pick Up Or Delivery:604-689-2833

Sushi Delivery: (604)-689-2833

Chefs Recommendation

Deluxe Box 1

Deluxe Box 1 Tempura Chicken OR beef teriyaki Gyoza California roll Assorted sushi Chicken Teriyaki $17.95 Add to Basket Beef Teriyaki

Avocado Combo

Tuna Avocado Roll salmon Avocado Roll. Tuna Avocado Roll

Delivery and Pick up Sushi

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Down town Sushi Bar – Gallery

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